Hava Nashira is the premier Jewish music and worship conference of the URJ and the Reform Movement.


The mission of the conference, now in its 29th year, is to teach songleading in communal spaces.  Participants learn how to craft meaningful music and worship for praying communities, curate and present music for religious school and early childhood programs, and the art of community-building through music and prayer.

Hava Nashira brings the best in professional songleaders and worship teachers to learn with hundreds of participants from a variety of movements, communities, and congregations from across the Jewish world. Whether working full time or part, experienced or just getting started, Jewish music creatives come to Hava Nashira to sharpen their skills, broaden their reach, and connect with like-minded people.   

This year’s program will focus on singing in community in the new multi-access reality (remotely, in-person, both, and more), as well as engaging with our colleagues in marginalized communities to create meaningful conversation about repertoire, engagement, and what opportunities exist for us to widen how our spaces can be accessible and open to everyone. We are encouraging congregational leaders to come with teams for some of our intensive track learning – even with staff who may not be “musical”, in order to explore together what a holistic music and prayer vision can bring to a community, and to network with other congregations who are dreaming about similar work. 


During this virtual program, you’ll have the opportunity to improve technique, share repertoire, gather best principles and engage in collaborative, innovative thinking. Guided by expert coaches and teachers who are deeply committed to strengthening the future of Jewish engagement, you’ll be joining a community that believes in music and prayer as a force for building a world of wholeness, compassion, and justice.


Photo: Aydin Mayers